Produce Management and Consulting

Pic Rite provides full-service management and consulting services for all your produce services. We do not buy and/or sell any produce. Our purchasing programs focus on field cost, broker cost and shipping costs and provides a truly cost avoidance program. In addition we negotiate a fair and reasonable markup procedure for each client with each supplier, again one size does not fit all.

Certified Suppliers

Pic Rite Certified Suppliers

Each supplier goes through a rigorous vetting and screening process to be Pic Rite Certified. From spot inspections, tracking, product handling, warehousing, we certify that our suppliers meet our high standards.

Our “Certified Supplier Program” audits and has annual reviews of required documentation along with unannounced visits.


Benefits of our Services

Ordering produce has never been simpler. As your management firm we make sure your pricing is competitive, your product fresh and delivery is on time and on schedule. When issues arise we communicate and take care of the process with the suppliers.

Online Ordering

Are you tired of faxing orders and keeping track of all the paperwork? We were, that’s why we created an online ordering system. You can log in from anywhere and order your produce and also check on pricing. If you do not participate in our ordering system, contact us today, 215-855-8887, to discuss how easy ordering can be!